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Pelvic Floor Therapy

We treat a variety of pelvic floor conditions such as stress and urge urinary incontinence, urinary frequency, fecal incontinence, symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse, abdominal muscle separation (diastasis rectus abdominus or DRA), pelvic pain, pain with intercourse and more. Your specialized physical therapist will review your medical history, discuss your current symptoms and perform a physical examination and assessment. With your consent, this evaluation may include an internal pelvic floor muscle assessment as appropriate to determine how the pelvic floor is functioning as related to your symptoms. The pelvic floor muscles may be weak or even tight, leading to dysfunction. Treatment will begin this session and you will be given a home program to begin your recovery.  At the initial visit a plan of care will be discussed and follow-up visits will be scheduled based on your particular needs. 

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